It is a mask pack with three layered hyaluronic acid of low molecule and high molecule substances which cares skin to make it smooth and fully moisturized and helps in skin dry relief and strengthening the skin barrier.



The main benefit is hydration, when the skin is extremely dry, you can use Hydra Hyaluronic Mask to hydrate the skin.


As the skin grows older, collagen will gradually be lost, thus, the skin loses ability to store water, and

will become dull and aging. Hydra Hyaluronic Mask effectively replaces the presence of collagen, so

that the skin is more radiant and brighten.


Hydra Hyaluronic Mask can penetrate directly into the basal layer of the skin and has good affinity with the surrounding tissues. It can help the cells to produce hyaluronic acid and promote the normal growth of skin cells to achieve skin repair. It also has anti-inflammatory and skin renewal effects.


Hydra Hyaluronic Mask can effectively reduce wrinkles. Formation of wrinkles due to dry skin that resulting fine lines and sagging face.


The nutrients of Hydra Hyaluronic Mask penetrates into the skin effectively to nourish the skin. It can combine with the epithelial cells of the skin through the stratum corneum, improve the metabolism of skin cells, and strengthen the activity of hyaluronic acid in the skin. It can maintain the integrity of the cuticle moisture and fiber structure, enhance blood circulation.


-Helps skin maintain moisture and tension, restore skin elasticity delay skin aging

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