Are you facing these Problem:

  • Bad Breath

  • Always Diarrhea

  • Wound slow healing process 

  • Constipation

  • Gastric

  • Indigestion issue

  • Easily sick

You might insufficient probiotic !

What is Probiotic ?

1.) An Active microorganism that give benefit the host.

2.) It produce a healthy effect by balancing micro ecological on the host.

3.) Colonization in intestine.

Probiotic are active microorganisms that useful to humans. It coexists with humans and lives in the human intestines for long time. It helps to regulate mucosa function and promote immune system by balancing micro ecology in human body. It also promote absorption of nutrients and maintain the health of the intestinal tract.

Main Ingredients

1. Probiotic - Rosell 52

Isolated from a dehydrated fermented milk

(Lactobacillus Acidophilus)

  • Intestinal microflora balance 

  • Develop barrier effect to prevent potential pathogenic bacteria adhere in the digestive tract

  • Prevent and eradicate intestinal dysbacteriosis in infant & children 

  • Reduction of lactose intolerance 

  • Alleviation of chronic constipation 

  • Stimulation of immune system 

  • Control inflammation 

  • Lower incidences of colon cancer

2. Probiotic - Rosell 175

Origin from Dairy

(Bifidobacterium longum)

  • Potential inhibit pathogen, maintenance and restoration of normal intestinal flora

  • Act as therapeutic and prophylactic agents against acute diarrhea disease 

  • Prevent over- sensitivity to food and minimizes chronic digestive tract inflammation

  • Promote protective immune responses against pathogenic microorganism 

  • Control inflammation 

  • Helps the body fight infections by activating the production of antibodies

3. Hyaluronic Acid

  • Provide skin moisturizing 

  • Skin firming & lifting

  • Restore skin elasticity

Benefits of taking immu3 Probiotic

Promote nutrient absorption , Reduce mineral loss

Improve body immunity and speed up healing process

Improves digestive system and prevent constipation

Control and reduce inflammation 

Prevent intestinal disease

Maintain health of Gastrointestinal system

Helps to slim down body

Maintain body moisturization, provide skin whitening and maintain elasticity.

Reduce sensitivity in stomach and prevent diarrhea

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