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The best skin is made up from Lamor2 & MAMA

Whether you face any of the following problems. Lamor2 & MAMA can improve and even solve it.

When talk about skin problems, especially women, mostly caused by hormonal imbalanced.

Lamor2 & MAMA works together to solve these problem by balancing body's endocrine and provide collagen peptide to skin. Hence, it can maintain good health and provide a better skin !

Lamor2 and MAMA provide GREAT Results when taken together since both have complementary effects to each other.

Lamor2 and MAMA have different nutrients and functions, by following the right method to consume it you will amazed by the results. Taking both is definitely more efficient than taking only one of these products.

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The main ingredient in Lamor2 - Collagen PEPTIDE is focus on repairing skin cells.

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The main ingredient in MAMA - Kacip Fatimah is focus on balancing hormone.

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Products acquired various certifications

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