What is AGING ?

Aging is a regular and continuous decline in the structure and function of the human body with age . This is a long- term natural process that runs through a person's life.  

Once aging occurs, it is often an irreversible process and will have a negative impact on the individual.

Cells in the body itself are undergoing metabolism all the time and have certain death procedures. From the first day of life, the cell needs to be renewed and is constantly being renewed.

However, some factors might caused the difficulty of cell renewal, hindered cells renewal process, accelerate aging cells, as well as cell delay and death.

So, it is recommed to start maintenance since younger age so that aging process slows down.

20 years old ~ 'Maintenance'

30 years old ~ 'Repair' 

40 years old ~ 'first Aid'

50 years old ~ 'Rescue'

Nano X Lootein contains up to 18 types of Amino Acid.

( Taking Nano X Lootein in long term provides you 9 major BENEFITS )  

Nano X Lootein's 18 amino acids are extracted from white fungus, honey and bird's nest.

Amino acid helps activate and rejuvenate cells in the body. This process achieve the states of cell repair and regeneration.

Besides, Nano X Lootein also contains 4 Major Ingredients.


It is rich in vitamin A , which maintains the health of eyes and skin , improves night blindness , enhances memory and other issues. It is also helps to protect body from free radical damage.

Blueberry Extract 

Provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It can help prevent the aging of brain systems, Soften blood vessels, maintain healthy skin, promote healthy bones and improve body immune systems.

Lutein & Zeaxanthin

Lutein is present in the eyes, skin, serum, cervix, brain, heart, breast and etc. It is the most important nutrient for eyes.


Collagen keep skin elastic and firm, promote eye moisturization , reduce wrinkles, improve arthritis problems.

NanoX Lootein product has been certified by Health Ministry Malaysia (Kementrian Kesihatan Malaysia- KKM) and other related departments.

iMono's Products have extra protection & guarantee from QBE company which provide product assurance to customer. QBE consider as international insurance organization and they have a lot of customers around the world. One of their services is to provide product insurance after strictly tested.

Therefore, iMono acquired QBE liability insurance of RM1 million on the products. Hence, there is nothing to worry about to take iMono's product.

NanoX Lootein has helped countless people solved their problem.

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