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Stem Cell


Eye Protection

Product NAME

Box Dimension


Pack / Box            

Product Type           

Consume Method 



W 124mm x D 22mm x H 92mm 


20 tablets / box

Tablet(1000mg/ tablet)                     

Take 1 tablet per day, any time. Melt in mouth.

In The City

Eyes also known as " Window of Human Mind"

It is also the " navigation system" for Human Body.

Eyes are an important channel for human to understand the world and communicate with each other. Weak vision will cause a lot of inconvenient in life.

In fact, we use eyes everyday once we wake up in the morning so we have to protect our eyes very well.

But many people ignore the importance of eyes.

What hurts our eyes ?

  • Uv ray on electronic screen

  • Use electronic equipment in dark 

  • Reading under dim light

  • Rub your eyes with dirty hands

  • Long hours on electronic screen 

  • Aging 

  • Cell aging

  • Dirty environment causes itchy eyes

Eye Exam

Everyone need BABA supplement for Eyes

Problem that usually people facing

  • Night Blindness

  • Presbyopia

  • Dryness

  • Retinal Degeneration

  • Blur Eyes​

  • Short Sight / Myopia

  • Eye Astigmatism

  • Eye Floaters

Smiling Senior Woman
Helping a Student
Working in Office

80% of informations is obtained through the eyes, and the usage is very large. It is almost use at anytime except resting or sleeping . So be sure to take care of your eyes.


Take a tablet of BABA a day, protect the eyes & improve vision problem.


Protection for "Soul of Window"

Closed Eye


  • Repair & Regenerate Cells of eyes

  • Delay eye aging

  • Protect eyes from Uv ray (Blue ray)

  • Provide eyes  moisturization 

  • Prevent cataract 

  • Improve Myopia & Presbysia

  • Reduce Floaters

  • Improve Vision at night

  • Reduce eyes sensitivity to strong light

Take one Tablet a day

Natural Ingredients

Corn Black Background

Lutein & Zeaxanthin 

  • Contains antioxidants

  • Helps prevent eye diseases

  • Macular pigment formation for filter out high-intensity blue light

  • Delay macular degeneration


Apple Stem Cell

  • Stem cell replace necrotic cells, protect existing cells, and improve damaged cells

  • ​Renewal and regeneration of retina pigment epithelial cells, maintain photoreceptors of the eyeball


BlueBerry Extract

  • Contain Vitamin C that promotes healthy eye blood vessels.

  • Prevent rupture of eyeball microvessels 

  • Human body cannot produce Vitamin C on its own, so it is necessary to take supplement

fish label-01.png
Fish Scale Collagen


Contains Ingredients

Kacip fatimah
BABA product has been certified by Health Ministry Malaysia (Kementrian Kesihatan Malaysia- KKM) and other related departments.
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imono slogan-04.png

iMono's Products have extra protection & guarantee from QBE company which provide product assurance to customer. QBE consider as international insurance organization and they have a lot of customers around the world. One of their services is to provide product insurance after strictly tested.

Therefore, iMono acquired QBE liability insurance of RM1 million on the products. Hence, there is nothing to worry about to take iMono's product.

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