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  • If i forget my password? 如果忘记密码怎么办?
    You can get your password by clicking ‘Forgot Password’ in the member login page. Key in required information (info. should be the same as you registered) and you will get new password from your email. 在会员登入区,您可以点击‘忘记密码’,然后填写所需要的资料(资料必须跟注册时的一样),然后您会在电子邮件地址得到重设密码。
  • Can foreigner join member? 外国人可以注册会员吗?
    There is no restriction but the information of bank account details and delivery address is from Malaysia. 没有限制,但是银行户口和邮寄地址的资料必须是马来西亚的。
  • How are bonuses paid out? 奖金是如何发放的?
    Bonuses are paid on 15th of the consequence month and it is directly transfer to your bank account. (Only Member Account) 奖金会在下个月的15号发放,直接汇款进您的银行户口。(仅限会员户口)
  • How to track order status? 如何查询订单状态?
    You may log in your member account, click on e-Sales> Reports> Delivery Order Listing. In the DO, you will find out the tracking number and you may check through our courier service (GDex) tracking service. (GDex) tracking service 您可以登入会员区,点击e-销售> 报表>送货单列表。在这列表里,您可以看到追踪编号,然后可以通过我们的快递服务(GDex)查询货物到达的地点。(GDex)查询
  • What are the delivery charges? 运费是多少?
    For order that less than RM600 in one transaction, a delivery charges of RM15 for west Malaysia and RM20 for east Malaysia. FOC for transaction over RM600. (1 invoice only entitled to 1 delivery) 如果在一张订单少于RM600,西马的运费为RM15,东马的运费为RM20。如果超过RM600就免邮费。(一张单只限于一次邮寄)
  • How long time did the delivery takes? 邮寄需要多长时间呢?
    Usually takes 3 to 5 working days for west Malaysia and 5 to 7 working days for east Malaysia. 西马:3-5工作日,东马:5-7工作日。
  • Delivery to overseas available? 有寄去外国的服务吗?
    No, we only do delivery within Malaysia. 没有,我们只做邮寄马来西亚范围。
  • What is the benefit of joining member? 加入会员有什么好处?
    First, you will get rebate on second purchase onward, cash of rebate will bank in to membership bank account on the following month. Second, you can sell product to earning bonuses. 第一,第2次以后购买产品您会有PV回扣,回扣现金会在下个月汇款进会员银行户口。第二,您可以卖产品赚取奖金。
  • How to check when is my membership end? 怎样查看会员户口的活跃期到几时?
    You may log in your member account, click on e-Sales> Reports> Sales Statement. You can check your latest purchase date in this section, 180 days from the purchase date (around 6 months). 您可以登入会员后,点击e-销售> 报表> 销售报表。您可以查看购买产品的最新日子,从那天算起180天(大概6个月)。
  • How to keep my membership active? 怎样保持户口活跃?
    All you have to do is REPURCHASE any product within 180 days. 180 days start counted on purchasing day. 你只需要在180天内购买(重复销售)任何产品就可以了,180天会在你购买产品的那天算起。
  • How do I use e-wallet (for member only)? 要怎么用e-钱包(只限会员)?
    You may log in your member account (website version only), click on Payment> E-wallet> E-Wallet Top Up. Follow the step by step to complete the E-wallet top up. ~Steps~ Bank in the required amount and save the related bank in slip. Fill in all required area (*) Upload the slip which includes details such as Reference no., Amount, Beneficiary Account. *Bank in slip should be in JPG, JPEG & PNG file type only. Top up Request Approval Schedule: 10am-5.30pm of every working day *Processing time may differ due to massive workload or any other unforseen circumstances. 您可以登入会员区(只限网站版本),点击货币> E-钱包> E-钱包增值。然后跟着步骤完成充值。 ~步骤~ 汇款所需金额到公司银行户口,并保存相关银行的单据。 填写所有必填区域(*) 上载单据,其中包含详细信息,例如参考号,金额,收款人账户。 *单据需要是JPG,JPEG和PNG文件类型。 充值申请批准时间表:每个工作日上午10am至下午5.30pm *由于大量的工作量或任何其他无法预料的情况,处理时间可能会有所不同。
  • How to join member? 怎样才能成为会员?
    You can join member once you purchase any product package. Membership is FOC. 当您购买任何配套时就可以免费加入会员。
  • Acceptable payment methods 付款方式
    Credit card-you may pay you order via credit visa or master card,not availble Debit Card. 您可以通过信用卡或万事达卡付款, 转帐卡不能使用。
  • Delivery Schedule 出货时间表
    Cut-off Time: Before 12pm (Malaysia Time Zone) Before Cut-off Time: Same Day Delivery (Eg: Order on Friday, deliver on Friday) After Cut-off Time: Next day delivery (Order on Friday, deliver on next working day) 截止时间:中午12点之前(马来西亚时区) 截止时间之前:当天发货(例如:周五订购,周五出货) 截止时间后:第二天交货(如果周五订购,就会在下一个工作日出货)
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