​About iMono

iMono was established in 2010 and mainly produce and sell health and skin care products. With the mission of making health care affordable for everyone, we have acquired high-end health technology at local and abroad for many years, and carried out high-quality production and packaging in Malaysia. Since then, 5-star technology health care products are no longer sky-high price, but must-have health products that everyone can afford.


Over the years, they have established a huge customer base and reputation, and have won major local and foreign awards such as: Super Health Brand, Enterprise Model Award, etc. As women's love for beauty and health are getting more and more attention, iMono has established an agency platform of Weishang123 to cope with the growing market, so that more people can become beautiful and healthy, but also make money together.


iMono AJL licensed by the Ministry of MDTCA

All our products are strictly tested and approved by Malaysia Government. Such as: GMP, MESTI, SUPER HEALTH BRAND, SGS, QBE, HALAL

Skin care product by NOT. approval.


Our Products

Health care product
Includes supplement for skin care, balance hormone, eye care, slimming, detox & overall health care

Skin care product
Includes product Essence, Ampoule, Sunscreen, face cleanser & mask


iMono operates by systematic  system from purchase product to delivery. From our system, customers or agents can purchase product, check membership information, view product information, contact company, etc through online.

Besides, iMono launches mobile App to make it easier for customers to access company information and place orders.

iMono do product packing and delivery on every working day, parcel will be delivered to customer in the fastest and most efficient way.

Products have always been loved and trusted by customers because the product's results explained everything. This is due to iMono's products are good quality and acquired multiple safety food certifications, reasonable price, easy to carry, and the taste is pleasing too. The main benefit is that customers gain confident and healthier life, better skin, and even solve many sub-health problems.

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Thank You

iMono would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone and great thanks for choosing iMono.

iMono shall extend our best efforts to ensure our mutual success.

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