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Every success has a beginning. Be brave to take the first step in order to succeed. Set a target in your life and do not wasted any precious time in life. Whether you are a student, housewife, employee, retired person or businessmen. Have you ever think about this:

  • How is your life now?

  • What about  your future life?

  • Ever wondered how to improve yourself?

  • Breakthrough yourself?

If you ever had such a thought, you must take your first step ,walk out from comfort zone. Take action, walk the talk, time is ticking every second and once you meet good opportunity, grasp it and work it out. You wouldn't know this might be the chance for you to succeed , never try never know. Even if you can't succeed in this step, you won't lose anything. What you gained is experience which you mindset is higher level compares to the others.

Remember this, do things that other people don't want to do, you well get what other people couldn't get.


There are many entrepreneurial methods nowadays, but what are the requirement to start up?

Various answer like cost, time, knowledge, people connection, timing or even luck.

Many people will stop or slow down because lack of these requirements. 

If you are capable but do not have a platform, you are wasting a lot of time and resources to achieve a better results in a short time.

It fact, regardless that you have or don't have ability nor experience , once you know how to utilize external subsidies ( external resources ), you will unleash your ’power' to the top level.

In simplest way, just use our iMono Platform . All you need is a smartphone to download iMono App. This is all you need to do for your first step.



"What is utilize external resources?“

We lend you this platform which contained a lot of resources for you to start your entrepreneurship.

In this iMono platform, iMono App allows you to do information sharing to customer which is very convenient since all information gather in cloud.

You only need a smartphone to start up. It is simplest as that to level up your entrepreneurial journey.

"Why you should utilize external resources ?"

There's only 24 hours a day, time is limited.

iMono App gathers a lot of materials and testimonial, so you saving a lot of time for searching this to do sharing.

All the information stored in the cloud and you can access it all the time at everywhere.

Whatever you do, using a 'Tools' is better than without it. If you utilize it well, you saves more time and money , your life will much easier. 


iMono platform has helped countless people to succeed in their life and improved their financial capabilities.There who succeed have the courage to take the first step, tried our products, join as member / agent and started the journey of entrepreneurship.

WHY iMono?

It is the easiest way to start your business by investing a small amount of money. You just need to purchase any of our package to join as member/ agent and then you are set to go.

The important things is, during your entrepreneur journey, you do not required to invest a minimal of stock because all the stock will direct deliver from company to your customer even easier to get started.

iMono Mobile App provide benefit as below:

  • You will receive latest company news ,offers and product information as soon as possible.

  • You can know more about company background, products information, customer's testimonial & feedback , member account information, etc.

  • Send enquiry to company.

  • iMono App will constantly update e-learning about products. You will gain more knowledge on products and sales to speed up the journey of entrepreneurship. 

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