Product Name 

 Box Dimension 


 ml/ Bottle 

​ Use Method 

ELora Teamo

W42mm x D42mm x H143mm


30ml / bottle

Evenly apply and spread on face after basic face ​


Protection up to 

5-12 hours

Why Suncrean

Prevent Formation of Melanin

Prevent Skin Sensitivity

Prevent Erythema (Redness)

Prevent Rough Skin Formation

Palm Trees Beach View

Seaside Vacation

Office Building

Working Routine

Young Women with Shopping Bags

Out Door Activity

Outdoor Fitness

Daily Skin Care

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Face Scrub



Evenly apply and spread on face after basic face care

use te amo 01-02.jpeg

Can apply on other part.

Normal version:

  • Extracted from Bird's nest

  • Defensive skin base makeup cream

TeAmo sunblock lotion


Upgraded version:

  • Extracted from Japanese Peals & Bird's nest.

  • More smooth & whitening

TeAmo sunblock lotion


Upgraded version:

The new innovative nano-technology formula and pearl ingredients make the skin smoother and quickly form a protective film.

Beauty Portrait

Extra Benefits: Whitening

Peals powder brings whitening and moisturizing to skin.

Fruits and Cheese

TeAmo carry easy, don't worry outdoor getting sunburned

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