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A refreshing, hydrating and moisturizing serum specially developed for the hot weather in Malaysia. It will not cause skin burden and immediately solve the problem of skin dehydration.

No Alcohol

No Mineral Oil

No Artificial Color

No Paraben

Repairs the skin barrier after staying 

up late to give you a bright and moisturized skin:




 Deeply Nourishes & Moisturizes 

Improve Skin  Condition 

Rebuilds Skin Sebum Film 

 Improves Skin Dryness , 

Sensitivity  &Fragility 

Leaving Skin Moist & Healthy 

It is rich in Centella Asiatica Extract , It can improve skin moisturizing and radiant, anti-wrinkle, firming, even skin tone, and water- oil balance, give you a beautifully balanced skin complexion.


Fog and Nature

Secret Ampoule Ingredients:


Centella Asiatica

With anti- aging and regeneration effects, it can stimulate collagen regeneration, promote tissue regeneration, and make the skin younger, and also with anti-inflammatory and cell renewal effects.

Water Ripple

Bifida Ferment Lysate

Skin conditioner, whitening and freckle. It has strong anti immunity activity and can promote DNA repair. It can effectively protect the skin and eliminate the damage caused by ultraviolet rays. It is used for emulsification, water based and hydroalcoholic skin care, sunscreen and after sun care products to help prevent epidermis and dermis aging.


Portulaca Oleracena

The main functions are antibacterial agents, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory agents. It has good scavenging ability of oxygen free radicals, and has obvious anti-oxidation effect; it has good skin moisturizing properties.


Sodium Hyaluronate

A highly moisturization nutrient to the skin. Efficient moisture supplement to the skin. Normalize the skin condition. Maintain the skin health and glow, repair the damaged horny layer. Improve the skin resistibility, and prevent the skin damaged from the dry environment. Repair the skin after laser surgery and AHA application. 

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Euglena Gracilis

The plant based Euglena Gracilis with large amounts of water provide moisturizing and hydrating effects and give the skin smooth and firmness. It has anti-inflammatory properties, can improve immune function, moisturizing, anti-oxidant and skin activating effects.


Citrus Reticulata

Citrus peel oil is a volatile aromatic oil that can be used as a fragrance. It has antibacterial properties and has a good inhibitory effect on acne-causing bacteria. It can also be used in related products for removing mites and repellents; it has the effect of eliminating a variety of free radicals. It is an ideal antioxidant for cosmetics. The proliferation of fibroblasts has anti-aging function.

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