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Secret Peeling Lotion Benefits

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Naturally fermented acid is used to gently exfoliate the skin without harming the skin. This Secret Peeling Lotion can be used daily in the evening. After washing your face, wipe it with a cotton pad and the impurities left on the face will be taken out, and the neck is particularly noticeable.



After exfoliating, it can promotes skin on fully absorbing other skincare products.

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Isolate Dead Skin Cells 


Gentle Exfoliation

Skin Refining

Skin Conditioning

Anti- Oxidation

Brighten Skin Tone

Effective in Scavenging Free Radicals

Lactobacillus have a Good Softening Keratin Effects

No Fragrance

No Alcohol

No Mineral Oil

 No Paraben 

No Colourant




After cleansing in the evening, apply Peeling Lotion to your face with a cotton pad, gently wipe the skin of the face and neck from the inside to the outside (avoiding the eyes and sensitive skin areas), without rinse off, and continue with toner and other skin care routine.

Use no more than once a day.

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Secret Peeling Lotion

  • Use natural Lactobacillus/Pomegranate fruit fermentation extract to gently remove keratin on the skin surface

  • Safe for daily use without causing side effects.

  • Sunscreen is the final step in your daytime skincare routine.

Xx brand in the market

  • Use AHA and BHA fruit acids to remove keratin on the skin surface.

  • Long-term daily use, side effects are possible.

  • Need to boost and strengthen sun protection.

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Citrus peel oil is a volatile aromatic oil that can be used as a fragrance. It has antibacterial properties and has a good inhibitory effect on acne-causing bacteria. It can also be used in related products for removing mites and repellents; it has the effect of eliminating a variety of free radicals. It is an ideal antioxidant for cosmetics. The proliferation of fibroblasts has anti-aging function.


Antioxidant, skin conditioner, it can delay skin aging, prevent skin dryness and dehydration, increase skin elasticity, so as to protect skin's luster and softness, prevent and reduce skin wrinkles, active Ginseng Extract also has the ability to inhibit melanin production, lighten your skin tone naturally.

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It has the effect of scavenging free radicals, it can be used as an antioxidant to prevent aging; it can enhance cell activity and has a skin-activating effect; it also has a certain inhibitory effect on tyrosinase and whitening.



Astringent, natural whitening ingredients - whitening and freckle removal, antioxidants, Lactobacillus has a good effect of softening keratin. Besides it has excellent moisturizing, also smoothing and rejuvenating effects.



Help to inhibit the generation of free radicals, and provide anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. Also help to regulate the internal secretion, lend the skin a fine, silky, elastic feel. Besides its anti-bacterial effect, also effectively inhibit tyrosine and the generation of melanin.

Secret Peeling lotion Ingredients


Exfoliating, simply meaning of removing surface dead skin.

The human stratum corneum metabolism cycle is 28 days, which means, after 28 days, the stratum corneum cells will fall off if they die, and then, dead skin is formed. If it does not completely fall off from our skin during the normal metabolic period, the stratum corneum will slowly accumulate over time. As the first layer of the skin, the stratum corneum directly affects the appearance of the skin.

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