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Turbo -S

W130mm x D 75mm x H130mm



Powder Form(12g/pack)

​1pack after lunch, mix with water and stir

When it comes to weight loss, it is everyone's life topic.

In fact, everyone wants to have a healthy and fit body. Getting fat is definitely unhealthy and will causes a lot of sickness, unfavorable things to happen.

Slow Metabolism

  1. Over Diet

  2. Not taking enough Protein

  3. Lack of Sleep

  4. Low Muscle Mass

  5. Aging

  6. Hormone Imbalance

Workout with Fit Ball
What method do you use for weight loss ??

People are using a lot of methods to achieve their goals . However , the results is unknown !

Are you still struggling, feel wasting time, energy and money?Are you doing  it right ?

The key to loss weight is Metabolism ! ! !
This is an important step for our body to burn calories. If metabolism is slow, excess calories intake will be converted to fat.
So the FASTER the Metabolism, the FASTER the fat burning ​
TURBO-S is designed to accelerate metabolism

Even you are lack of time to exercise, Turbo -S will accelerate your body metabolism to burn fat easily.

In fact,  with exercise, metabolic rate even faster and achieve a better calories burning effect !

Turbo -S makes your slimming process more effective! 
Team Lunch

A cup of Turbo-S after lunch , Accelerate Metabolism

Speed UP

Metabolic rate

Burn Calories


The ingredients of Turbo-S are 100% natural , Turbo-S does not caused sweating and speed up heartbeat.

Mangosteen Skin Powder

High in antioxidant, reduce "Heaty" in body anti-aging

Sweet Potato Extract

Contain fibre, antioxidant, reduce blood sugar level, blood pressure


Natural sugar that helps reduce risk of diabetes

Turbo -S's formula is from USA. It is absolutely a safe product.

The ingredients of Turbo-S are certified by Health Ministry of Malaysia ( KKM ) and other related departments. Turbo-S also has HALAL Certification.

It is a very safe product for slimming.

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