Product Name
Box Dimension
Pack / Box
Product Type
Consume Method​
W130mm x D75mm x H130mm
20pack / box
Powder form (12g/pack)
1 pack before/ after dinner, mix with water and stir
[Is it really that difficult to lose weight ? ]
[What method have you tried ? ]

Burning calories is the key to slim down ! 

Get rid of body fat and Reduce weight is the key to slim down


Will you :

- Lack of exercise?

- Can't resist temptation of food 

- Bad eating habits ?

- Lack of sleep ?

- Sitting for a long time ?

- Body type issue ?

In fact, some of these are difficult to avoid. However, do not ignore Body fat especially internal body fat.

TuTu-Good helped to lose weight!
Contain natural lemon extract to breakdown FAT.
TuTu's Benefits

Inhibit formation of FAT

Inhibit formation of FAT

Inhibit formation of FAT

Inhibit formation of FAT

 4 Main Ingredients 

Oat Fibre

Helps to eliminate edema, fatty liver and promote intestinal mobility.

Lemon Extract

Decompose saturated fat in body and inhibiting the synthesis of fat. It is also helps eliminate toxic / waste out of body


Lower cholesterol, enhance myocardial contractility and improve hypertension


Helps to relax bowel and reduce blood pressure.


The ingredients of TuTu are certified by Health Ministry of Malaysia ( KKM ) and other related departments. TuTu also has HALAL Certification.

It is a very safe product for slimming.

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Therefore, iMono acquired QBE liability insurance of RM1 million on the products. Hence, there is nothing to worry about to take iMono's product.

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