People are usually having 3 meals a day

In fact, nowadays there are many unhealthy foods in the market , such as fast food, soft drink, processed food , food with coloring & MSG. These food is not good to human body health. If we have consumed it, better excrete out from body to maintain good health. 

As we know most people go to toilet once a day , and some even not for few days. It is considered as constipation. It will store toxic in our body!

When these "unwanted substances" pass through our digestive system , it will stick to the colon wall and begin to accumulate !This is very harmful to our body, because it will inhibit the absorption of nutrients that our body need. Instead, these toxins will absorbed back into our body. This is called self-poisoning.

Please don't underestimate this problem !

This small problem may cause big problems in the future !

D360's 3 Major Benefits Combination of these 3 benefits will speed up slimming process

1.) Reduce Edema

     Most of the body compound is made up of water. Excessive stored water caused edema. Especially women, hormone imbalance might caused excessive water store in body. When metabolism occurs in body, part of the "waste" and toxin are stuck in body and caused part of body, especially thigh to become edema. D360 is mainly promote on body detoxification and eliminate excess water out of body.

2.) Smoothen Lymphatic 

     When excessive water in the body, always feel fatigue, it may caused by lymphatic blockage. According to researches, 80% of women have lymphatic blockage issue. D360 provide smoothen lymphatic, improve lymphatic circulation and improve immune system.

3.) Get Rid of FAT

     Promote healthy digestive system. Eliminate excessive fat and toxin from food intake. Especially those "toxin" that store in body for long time. D360 can "clear“ out these unwanted substance in short period of time.

D360's 4 Main Natural Ingredients 

D360 includes other ingredients such as lemon powder, psyllium, ascorbic acid. 

The development formula of D360 is provided by Germany

The ingredients of D360 are certified by Health Ministry of Malaysia (KKM) and other related departments D360 also has JAKIM Certification. It is a very safe product for slimming.

iMono's Products have extra protection & guarantee from QBE company which provide product assurance to customer. QBE consider as international insurance organization and they have a lot of customers around the world. One of their services is to provide product insurance after strictly tested.

Therefore, iMono acquired QBE liability insurance of RM1 million on the products. Hence, there is nothing to worry about to take iMono's product.

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