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Elora Essence补水皱纹神器
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Elora Essence补水皱纹神器

elora bottle printing 300dpi.png
Produce Name
Box Dimension

ml & Bottle
NOT Codee
Use Method
Elora Essence
40mm(W) x 40mm(D) x 110mm(H)
30ml/ bottle
NOT 230600516K
Apply evently to the face, press gently allow skin to absorb 
What makes Elora Essence effective works so fast???

Elora Essence contains cell mioactive, a unique marine active penetration technology, combined with nonotechnology. The nutrient of molecule directly enter the inner layer of the skin to instanty, replenish  moisture, effectively relieve skin tightness, roughness, peeling and other symptons caused by lack of water.
Product Technology
Each bottle of elora essence is rich of marine active essence . We use the exclusive double penetration into the bottom layer of the skin, to enhance the follow-up maintenance effect, help the skin's cell repair, and make the skin achieve antioxidant effect from the inside out

Dehydrated Skin

Content Woman

Skin Wrinkles


Skin Roughness


Dull Skin


Skin Peeling


Sagging Skin

​Elora Essence effective


Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Improve skin elasticity

Eliminates skin puffiness and inflammation

Enhanced moisturizing extract

elora bottle printing 300dpi.png
Marine Red Algae Extract
Marine red algae extract has natural plant-based astaxanthin, which is an effective natural antioxidant that has been  officially approved by the Japanese R&D team. Widely present in the biological world, especially in marine species and algae with high content.

Its antioxidant capacity 6000 times of vitamin c, 1000 times of vitamine, 800 times of coenzyme Q10 and 700 times that of anthocyanins.

Plant Placenta

Small Green Plants

Marine Enzymes


​     Trace Elements   

Organic Vegetables

Epithelial Growth Factor

EGF ingredients can promote the regeneration of surface cells while moisturizing, reduce wrinkles, restore elasticity and vitality to dry, dull and sagging skin, and help skin moist and clear and at all times.
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