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elora ONOMI

Fundamental Skin Treatment

For All Skin Type

The best skin foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin. 

Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.

May your skin be glowing and your confident be shining forever.


Skin is a Beautiful Thing...

Wear it well!

"I'm a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really wont't need a lot of makeup"

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What is ONOMI?

~ONOMI contains yeast extract and natural micro-nutrients of bio-ingredient~

~It provides a fresh, healthier and radiant skin~

#Best Bare skin nutrient

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Glowing Skin

ONOMI contains Hydrolysed Yeast Protein that will stimulate collagen production and reduce oxidation on skin surface. Provides healthy & glowing skin naturally. 

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Provide Barrier Function

Skin surface strengthen by a layer of natural barrier to protect skin from UV ray and pollutants substance from air that harmful to skin. Keeps skin moisture all the time at all conditions.

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Improve DNA Repair

ONOMI contains Bifid Yeast Frementation Lysate that promotes DNA Repair Function & Supress Free Radical. It provides a fresh, healthier and radiant skin, 

Formula from Japan

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Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein

Brighten skin, hydrating and retaining moisture, anti-oxidation, oil control and anti-seborrheic effects.

Besides, it stimulates the production of collagen, neutralizes harmful free radicals in the environment, reduces oxidative stress on the skin that provide a calming effect, and helps to soothe and alleviate skin problems

Bifid Yeast Fermentation Lysate

It has strong anti-immunosuppressive activity and can promote DNA repair, can effectively protect the skin from damage caused by UV rays, help prevent epidermal and dermal skin photoaging, and strengthen the metabolism of the stratum corneum, inhibit free radicals, and have whitening, Anti-aging function

Sodium Hyaluronate

A moisturizing film is formed on the surface of the skin to play a long-term moisturizing effect. Skin with sufficient moisturized will achieves lifting effect, makes skin firmer, and helps reduce wrinkles. It speed up wound healing and prevent acne scars.


Form a natural protective film to balance between skin and sebum, inhibit oxidation of skin lipids, and can promote the proliferation of skin basal cells, which delay skin aging, improving and eliminating melasma.

Beside, it promotes blood circulation, increase cell metabolism, and help repair damaged cells

Marble Surface

How To Use

Step 1

Shake evenly

(Everytime before use)

Step 2

Pour few drops into the palm

Step 3

Gently press & apply to face

~Recommended use twice a day after facial cleansing~


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